Worldly church

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Your local church is most likely a worldly church. A church that will take the role of Satan against a true believer. A church that will do the works that were done against the martyrs in foxes book of martyrs.

Why is that?

It is because todays churches are tax exempt organizations. They don't have to pay taxes. They are in covenant with the government. In the USA its called 501c3 corporations and in Sweden its ideel organisation.

Basically they don't have to pay taxes and therefore they are obliged to comply with the dictates of the government in every way or they can lose their tax exempt status and that would be the end of the church.

Now the dictates of the government are evil today. We are entering a period of evil government we see that all over the world with people going to prison for 3 to 6 years for not sorting their garbage correctly when they have covid in Cambodia and vaccine mandates being enforced so that people have to resign from their occupation or take the vaccine in the EU and USA. Government is evil, utterly evil and lost. There isn't a government in history that has not been run by lost corrupt Satan led people except i guess the governments of Israel in the old testament and king james.

So a church that comply with the dictates of the government is going to be politically correct in every way and in fact work against the bible in this time period. So they will be working for Satan. They will not try to protect their own people. Its not a family of God trying to protect itself. Its a few people who know the fine print of their organisation that is trying to protect the building, trying to make sure they can continue to have their tax exempt status.

The church will not admit this but it is true and it has to do with their tax exempt status.

For example, they are not allowed to ask someone to leave the building. Because it is a public building. So they cannot choose their friends.

Its not a church, its more like a government building.

This is why house churches are so important. And also they can falsely accuse you in their public building.

People get thrown in jail today for what they say in a public building.

Don't think your local church is a biblical church, its not even if they claim it is. They are public buildings serving the government.

You could even make a case for that the local church is Mystery Babylon because Mystery Babylon is described as a worldly religion and a city.

Separation is the way to deal with the worldly church. If the temple of God dwells in you then that should not be a problem.