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My name is Mattias.

I have previously been known on the internet as matterik and later as disciplemattias.

I am a believer in the lord and savoiur Jesus Christ. I believe that the king james bible is the written word of God. I am a king james bible believer and a disciple of Jesus Christ.

I can be reached at email address

You can try to contact me via the AV1611 discord server, or via my private discord server.

My telegram channel is

You may download for free the Chapter summaries of the original AV1611.

To join the wiki go to and click on create account in the upper right corner (desktop version). If you are using the mobile version click on create account in the footer. Then sign up. You are welcome to contribute to Newly created users can only write in the discussion tab of each page and in the user pages.

You can also email me once you have registered on

Also check out my talk page user talk:Disciplemattias. There you can write as a registered user.

Here you can find my other sites on the internet.

Here you can find my Broadcast list. (RSS) (Feedburner RSS feed)

Here you can find my Article list. (RSS)

I have made a slideshow.

Disciplemattias stuff about youtube.

Sometimes i play mume.

I am a steward of Jesus Christ.

I have a mailing list but it is currently not being used much.