Through prayer

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I write this article because a lot of Christians misunderstands the importance of prayer and also how to pray.

The importance of prayer

We should pray without ceasing it says.

I would say that Christians underestimate the power of prayer.

I have been helped a lot by prayer related to unclean spirits.

What we are fighting is not flesh but spiritual powers. Its through prayer that we win against them. We cannot win in the flesh. If you start fighting it out in the flesh you will fail and look like a non christian.

It is through prayer we win.

You can for example pray out unclean spirits from the enemy, the enemy is anyone that bothers you. You can also bind the unclean spirits to not enter people for a certain period. You can also bind unclean spirits to go out of anyone that enters a certain building. You can command unclean spirits to go out of anyone working for someone or anyone living in someones household or anyone within a certain radius from you.

The prayer of casting out unclean spirits is something that you will not be taught in church but it is probably one of the most important prayers you can pray in order to overcome in this world. Because satan and his army is going to come against you as a saved believer to try to destroy you. If you try to win against him in the flesh, by debate or talking or suing or whatever you fail most likely. He is good at dealing with worldly people. But Satan and his army is totally helpless against the power of prayer. Also how is he going to attack you if you pray the prayer in your closet where nobody is but you. He cannot say you said this or that because satan works by worldly power, he is the god of this world, but he has no power in the sense of a spiritual eternal god. He is just a fallen angel destined to the lake of fire. He is a very miserable creature, because there is no salvation for him. He truly is going to burn forever in the lake of fire and there is nothing that we can do to save him.

Prayer is the primary means by which we overcome this world.

You can cast out unclean spirits out of anyone working in a specific corporation or anyone working in the court system with any process trying to persecute your. You can cast out unclean spirits out of all people working with court processes in a specific city or region. You can cast out unclean spirits out of any and all people that is somehow involved in trying to get your locked up, taken to court. You can also bind all unclean spirits from entering anyone that is involved in trying to take you to court or lock you up. You can bind them starting now, continuously for 50 years to not enter these people etc.

If that is not good enough it is also possible for you according to scripture to ask God to curse people. We are to bless people, not curse people. But we can ask God to curse someone or to recompense on someones head all the transgressions that person has done in his life towards you and everyone else, and to do this swiftly. The scripture bases for this is that God said he would bless those who blessed Abraham and curse those who cursed Abraham. So if you are part of the seed of Abraham as a believer in the lord Jesus Christ then this should apply for you as well.

how to pray

This is a good template for prayer

In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I command all you unclean spirits to come out of John Doe now.

Why is this a good prayer?

First of all it is impossible to blaspheme the holy ghost by praying this prayer. Don't let someone scare you into that if you pray this prayer you could blaspheme the holy ghost. That is not true. If someone claims such a thing i would recommend dis-fellowship that person.

Secondly we are fighting spiritual things rather than physical so this is a suitable prayer.

Why because human beings are just human beings. But Satan and his army can go into anyone that is not saved and use that person against you. But if you cast them out time and time again they will eventually realize that you have overcome this world and give up or at least fail.

What happens when you cast out the unclean spirits out of someone that is possessed of unclean spirits is that that person loses his drive and his guidance. The person is not damaged in any way by having unclean spirits cast out of him. Because it is not good for someone to have unclean spirits in him or her.

Some would say that if you cast out unclean spirits out of someone then that unclean spirits will eventually come back with 7 more unclean spirits that are worse than that spirit and live in that person. You have still not hurt the person that you cast out unclean spirits from because having an unclean spirit in you leads eventually to the lake of fire through deception. No human being is helped by having an unclean spirit in him or her. So you are doing the person a service by casting out the unclean spirits out of the person. At least the person gets to experience a moment without unclean spirits in his or her life. If more unclean spirits enter the person later than you have the option to cast out unclean spirits out of the person again. The person will experience another moment without unclean spirits. See how you can help someone through continuous prayer.

Why is this so important. Well in the christian community a lot of focus is on that it is not work salvation and some people say that prayer is work salvation. It is not. It is true that eternal salvation is by grace through faith in christ alone. But once we are eternally saved prayer is very important. God hears prayer.

I advice people to pray in their closet alone.

Churches will not teach people correct prayer, nor correct theology. So churches are part of the problem in causing people to not overcome this world. We overcome through prayer.