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These are the suggested changes I suggest for Mume. These changes are not to further change Mume but rather to reverse changes that have been made and make Mume like it was more in 1995.

One reason for why huge grouping is such an advantage on Mume is because of the feature called parry splitting. It basically mean that in Mume (which is not the case in many other Muds) when many people attack one person or mob at the same time the person being hit gets a lower defense towards each opponent. This is called parry splitting.

A lot of people have left Mume and the player base has been reduced. I suggest this is because of that penalties to the way that the game was played in 1995 has been introduced. These penalties have removed the huge grouping feature of Mume.

Mume was a game where people who could get along with others got an enormous advantage. You grouped up with others and you got power over the entire game. Because huge groups had enormous power. Because of this those who could get along with others got the advantage. Also it became a "the more the merrier" game. Where you could see groups of 9 or so just doing XP. These groups had a natural defense against darkies because of their size.

Also not much skill was needed to assist and follow in a group. This made it possible for those who were not so skilled to have fun easily in the game.

I believe the changes that were made were made to make the game more skill based but this has reduced the player base and made Mume into a game that is a "do mobs solo" game.

Often when you log on as darkie you are the only darkie around.

Below are the changes I suggest, or reversal of changes you could call them. To get back to the 1995 Mume game style.

Remove move delay

Remove move delay for larger groups totally.

Today in 2021 there is increased move delay for larger groups. I think when more than 2 follow you you get a move delay. This delay increases with the number of people following you.

The current way to solve this is to practice leadership. With no leadership you can lead 2 (including your mount when you dismount and lead it) without move delay. Then you get one more that you can lead for every 25% leadership. So with 100% leadership you can lead 6 and with 150% leadership (which is what an half elf with max wil and wis can get) you can lead 8 (including your mount when you dismount and lead it, so 7 without any move delay).

That is quite a lot. But orcs that only get 13 pracs leadership can lead less. So I still think that the current system of Leadership skill/move delay contributes to reducing large groups.

So the move delay makes it inconvenient to have larger groups. This cancels out the "the more the merrier" and it becomes a situation where people only want to group with certain people.

I suggest totally to remove move delay for huge groups even for those who have 0 % practiced leadership skill but to let the leadership skill control the amount of noise the group makes to surrounding rooms.

There is noise introduced for larger groups. The larger groups make noise to surrounding rooms. I suggest this noise could remain because it doesn't slow down the huge group but it does warn people in the surrounding rooms of the huge group which is a nice feature.


Make auto-lead in PK (Player Kill) legal.

Don't make it illegal to have auto-lead on mount when you follow a leader and are hunting someone of the opposite race.

This is another change they made that made huge grouping end. Because basically its a huge hassle as a leader to have to wait for all the followers to dismount lead their mount and then to mount it when you pass a no-ride room.

But no actions are allowed in PK so technically it is illegal to have an auto-lead action in PK. What i mean by an auto-lead action is an action that will make you dismount lead automatically when your leader dismounts and leads.

This has to be changed so that auto lead is legal in PK. Otherwise huge grouping in PK will suffer.

Fix _open

Either make _open and _close legal in pk or totally remove the possibility to use _open and _close in the game.

There is a discussion on elvenrunes called MMapper - Doors. This discussion explains the feature _open and _close.

Basically there is a feature introduced by MMapper that makes it possible to not have to know the name of the hidden door but just type oe (open exit east) and you will open the hidden exit to the east. Similarly for close.

This feature becomes very powerful in PK. Because you get a huge advantage in terms of opening and closing doors quickly. But it is illegal to use this feature in PK.

I suggest either making this feature legal in all circumstances or somehow totally remove the possibility to use it in Mume.

Because currently I believe people are using this feature in PK in secret. When you do things in secret you don't want a huge group seeing it. So it becomes another feature that makes huge grouping a disadvantage.


I have tried to get the Mume management interested in implementing these changes (via their discord group and the Mume idea board post 28566) but they don't seem likely to remove move delay for large groups.

So my suggestion is that someone creates a copy of Mume (creates a new branch of Mume) and hosts and maintains it. I don't have the time to do this. So this is a suggestion to someone else to do it.

If the Mume management changed the copyright of Mume from copyrighted to Creative Commons NonCommercial license (the Tolkien Estate does not allow commercial use) then allowed others to get copies of the code and set up their own servers, then this would be possible.