Source of truth

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What is the source of truth?

Only the king james bible should be the source of truth. Not even the 1828 websters dictionary is the source of truth. Because the king james bible has a built in dictionary.

So we shouldnt use wikipedia as the source of truth. Neither should we use media articles or other books than the bible as the source of truth.

So the source of truth is the king james bible and the chapter summaries.

But even though its not the source of truth, it can still show you things that exists in the world. Because there are movements in the world and different theological approaches that exist in the world.

So even though wikipedia is not the source of truth. Wikipedia and other sources can document things that exist in the world.

We dont need bible commentaries either. The only bible commentary that is part of the source of truth is the chapter summaries of the AV1611 because it was there in the first printing of the 1611.