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Basically if you have a king james bible of any publisher you have the real thing. However if you have a new king james bible or a Children's king james version or a 21st Century King James Version then you dont have a king james bible. If you have any other english bible than the king james bible then that bible is not worth reading.

There are talk about counterfeit king james bibles. The variations are small but some lead to differences in meaning like heavens vs heaven.

Below are the king james bibles that I recommend. These bibles I recommend below are as far as I have checked not counterfeit.

1611 King James Bibles

1611 King james bible from oxford

King James Bible, 400th Anniversary Edition, Edited by Oxford University Press, Gordon Campbell

AV1611 bible, that is a bible that is identical to the original king james bible published in 1611 with the chapter summaries etc. The only difference is that its roman fonts so that its readable. This is a very good bible in my opinion and its the bible I read every day.

ISBN 9780199557608

ISBN 978-0-199-55760-8

1769 King James Bibles

KJV Large Print Text Bible Hardback from Cambridge

KJV Large Print Text Bible KJ650:T

ISBN 9780521163347

This is a hard back, font size 11. Good enough for reading unless you get tired.

ISBN 978-0-521-16334-7

KJV Large Print Text Bible leather from Cambridge

KJV Large Print Text Bible, Black French Morocco Leather KJ653:T.

ISBN 9780521508810

This is a leather fine bound bible with font size 11, same as the hardback above. Good enough for reading unless you get tired.

ISBN 978-0-521-50881-0

Windsor Text Bible hardback from TBS

Windsor Text Bible (hardback) - Black [25A/BK ]

ISBN 9781862283305

This is a hardback cheap but ok bible from trinitarian bible society. Font size 9.6. Cheap but small text.

ISBN 978-1862283305

Extra Large Print Bible from TBS

Extra Large Print Bible (flexible vinyl) - Blue [BLP]

ISBN 9781862281332

ISBN 978-1-862-28133-2

This is a large text size bible from trinitarian bible society. Font size is 15.5. Its kind of a pulpit bible. Good for people who cant read small text.

1769 New testaments

Giant-Print New Testament from Cambridge

KJV Giant Print New Testament, KJ600:N

ISBN 9780521871716

ISBN 978-0-521-87171-6

This is a new testament only giant print hardback from Cambridge. It has font size 22.

Non English Bibles

Regarding recommended non english bibles. I guess God would create one bible in each language that is correct so there should be a correct bible in each language. My guess is that that bible would be made before 1880 and would follow the king james bible text. There are those who have done studies on possible bibles in the other languages. Here is an example.

Swedish bibles

Charles XII Bible

For swedish speaking people that have swedish as their mother tounge i recommend Charles XII Bible or as it is called in Swedish Karl XII:s bibel.

It is available in digital format at both as an mobile app and desktop. The bible version is there called SK73. You can also download it within the mobile app to your phone and use it offline on your phone. The app also exist for Ipad.

The bible is also available in digital format as a pdf. Its also available at stepbible.

Its also possible to buy it nowadays as a bible that you can read in your sofa.

Search for it on google.

ISBN 9789177771180