Purpose of this site

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The purpose of this site is to be a central independant hub for me on the internet. This domain hauefaith.com is a tribute to the AV1611, which is the written word of God.

Also I want to have some kind of independant address on the internet, because of that when you are on a platform like youtube or facebook, you are on their platform and the social interaction is a kind of conforming brain washing based on the community guidelines which can be updated by the platform owners. Broadcasters can be shut down without notice, shadow banned etc.

So I wanted to become independant of platforms and have my own site that is accessable for everyone. A public tower you could say from which I can preach freely without being at the mercy of occultists, luciferians, liars, trolls etc.

You might ask why a wiki site, why not a wordpress site. Well i feel that a wordpress site is more suitable for flashing things at people and for writing things that are not eternal but rather like news that lasts for 2 weeks. I wanted something more static and eternal and eventually realized that [wikimedia] is more suitable as [Content management system] than [wordpress].

I also want others to have the chance to contribute which they can do by writing on the discussion tabs on each page. Maybe in some future I give some user more rights.