Proverbs 21:7

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(Proverbs 21:7 [KJV]) The robbery of the wicked shall destroy them; because they refuse to do judgment.

I thought initially that this meant that the wicked are robbed because they refuse to do judgement, for example to call the cops. Someone said that the first people to get robbed are the crooks because people know they wont call the cops.

But looking how this verse is interpreted in the swedish inspired bible

Salamons OrdsprÄk 21:7 Karl12
De ogudaktigas röfvande skall förskrÀcka dem; ty de ville icke göra hvad
rÀtt var.

We see that rather they say that it means that what the wicked people do when they rob shall make them scared because they will not do that which is right.

Also notice that "refuse to do judgement" is translated to "ville icke göra vad rÀtt var". That explains it very well.

But then again it is interesting that the kjv speaks the truth even if you interpret the verse the other way that the wicked will be robbed because they refuse to do judgement.

Now do judgement doesnt have to be call the cops it could be pray to God the Father in Heaven. But the wicked will not do that.