Progressive Christianity

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I find it interesting to read the wikipedia definition of Progressive Christianity. See below.

Progressive Christianity

Progressive Christianity represents a post-modern theological approach, and is not necessarily synonymous with progressive politics.[1] It developed out of the Liberal Christianity of the modern era, which was rooted in enlightenment thinking.[1] As such, Progressive Christianity is a "post-liberal movement" within Christianity "that seeks to reform the faith via the insights of post-modernism and a reclaiming of the truth beyond the verifiable historicity and factuality of the passages in the Bible by affirming the truths within the stories that may not have actually happened." Progressive Christianity is characterized by a willingness to question tradition, acceptance of human diversity, a strong emphasis on social justice and care for the poor and the oppressed, and environmental stewardship of the earth. Progressive Christians have a deep belief in the centrality of the instruction to "love one another" (John 15:17) within the teachings of Jesus Christ. This leads to a focus on promoting values such as compassion, justice, mercy, and tolerance, often through political activism. Though prominent, the movement is by no means the only significant movement of progressive thought among Christians. Progressive Christianity draws on the insights of multiple theological streams including evangelicalism, liberalism, neo-orthodoxy, pragmatism, postmodernism, Progressive Reconstructionism, and liberation theology. The concerns of feminism are also a major influence on the movement, as expressed in feminist and womanist theologies.[1]

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My commentary

I think that the EU local churches are all about progressive christianity. I also believe that progressive christianity is a tool of the antichrist to kill true believers.

Notice in the quote above the focus on love one another. In the local churches, if you dont love a brother that they consider to have status in the church, then you are seen as anathema. So it is a love kill mentality with a false kind of love that is a mask really and not honest. This fits also with that the local churches in the EU are public buildings and not really fellowships for believers but rather public buildings a bit similar to soft authority public buildings.

Also social justice is big in the EU local churches. Social justice is luciferian.

Notice also above that it says that progressive christianity developed out of liberal christianity. That means that it developed out of a movement that takes into consideration modern knowledge, science and ethics. So its not even rooted in true christianity to start with. Its similar to what you meet in the welfare system with psychiatry, national health care and social services. Its not based on the word of God.

You see also feminism mentioned as a major influence of the movement. I would say that feminism is big in the EU local churches and that its not biblical.

I believe that the spirit of progressive christianity is luciferean and as such is in line with catholicism.

This is how you locate progressive christianity. You notice what is important. They are all about the modern stuff and then they just say Jesus. They are all about psychiatry. They are all about modern soft authority and all this stuff. They are all about love. If you dont love your brother then they think you are accursed. So this is how to identify progressive christianity.