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This site will go down 20230130. I leave it up until then. But I am not going to update it any further.

My new site is

It can also be reached via Tor browser at:


The reason for doing this is that my orignal purpose for this site is not true anymore.

I started this site because Youtube took down my video for just saying that we could pray to be healed from a certain disease instead of listen to doctors advice. I realized that youtube was controlled in a nasty brain washing way to take people away from the faith. So I started this site.

At this point in time the UN can tell the domain registrar to take down a domain if they spread information concerning a certain medical procedures. If that information does not agree with WHO's opinions.

So domains are no longer free speech. That means that the entire World Wide Web is controlled by the United Nations.

So I have decided to instead have a onion site without a domain name and only with an ip address.