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The idea behind this is that when God created the king james bible he did not only write down the written word of God. He also created the English language.

When God does a perfect work, like the king james bible, he of course doesnt do it in such a way that you have to rely on some other book to interpret it. God built in the dictionary into the king james bible. So that the book would be all that you need to understand everything.

The real dictionary if you want to find a dictionary is actually the King James bible itself.

So how to do we look up words in this dictionary. Well there are multiple methods. One method is the first occurance of the word. But remember here that the first occurance might be like with the word converse and conversation that is the same word really but used different ways. So to find the first occurance it might not work to search for the word. You might have to use a concordance. Because in strongs concordance and crudence concordance you can find conversation and that would be the first.

You might have to use a concordance, but when we use a concordance like strongs concordance we do not go to the greek or the hebrew we just use it to find the occurances of the words or phrases. And it might be present tense or the past tense and they might be spelled differently so therefore you cannot search for the first occurance always. Then when you have found the first occurance of the word in the king james bible you go read that verse and the word in its context instead of reading the definition of the word in the concordance. So that you get the definition from the king james bible rather than from the concordance.

So generally then the definition of the word is found in the same verse of the first occurrence of the word or in the context around the verse or in the same chapter as the first occurrence of the word. Like when it says adamant, hard stone.

So there is a built in dictionary and you can use strongs or crudence to help you along but you can also just search digitally the bible for the first occurance and you might not find the first occurance but you find a lot of occurrences and therefore you can understand the meaning of the word from how it is used in the king james bible.