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Malachi 1

Malachi 2

Malachi 3

Malachi 4

Chapter summaries

CHAP. I. 1 Malachi complaineth of Israels vnkindnesse. 6 Of their irreligiousnes, 12 and profanenesse.

CHAP. II. 1 He sharpely reprooueth the Priests for neglecting their couenant. 11 and the people for idolatrie, 14 for adulterie, 17 and for infidelitie.

CHAP. III. 1 Of the Messenger, Maiesty, & Grace of Christ. 7 Of the rebellion, 8 sacriledge, 13 and infidelitie of the people. 16 The promise of blessing to them that feare God.

CHAP. IV. 1 Gods iudgement on the wicked, 2 and his blessing on the good. 4 Hee exhorteth to the studie of the Law, 5 and telleth of Eliiahs comming, and Office.