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Looking at the different christian theological approaches that exist in the world. I would say that I am a bible believing fundamentalist.

Regarding Progressive Christianity and Conservative Christianity I would say that I am for the latter.

I do not identify with Liberal Christianity. Neither do i identify with the Charismatic movement.

I do seem to fit quite well into Evangelical Christian fundamentalism. Though I dont agree completely on their dispensational theology (see my theological document).

Christian fundamentalism

Fundamentalism regards biblical inerrancy, the virgin birth of Jesus, penal substitutionary atonement, the literal resurrection of Christ, and the Second Coming of Christ as fundamental Christian doctrines. Fundamentalism arose among evangelicals in the 1920s to combat modernist or liberal theology in mainline Protestant churches. Failing to reform the mainline churches, fundamentalists separated from them and established their own churches, refusing to participate in ecumenical organizations such as the National Council of Churches (founded in 1950). They also made separatism (rigid separation from non-fundamentalist churches and their culture) a true test of faith. According to historian George Marsden, most fundamentalists are Baptists and dispensationalist[1]

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I am king james only.