FAQ:What is a false accusation?

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What is a false accusation ?


False accusations are mentioned in 2 timothy 3. What is interesting is that other bibles generally don't contain the wording false accusation but rather slander in that place.

A lot of people go on claiming that people falsely accuse them. I have heard claim of false accusation from such as:

He didn't consider me to be saved so therefore he falsely accused me.

Or he called me disgusting so therefore he falsely accused me.

I don't consider these things false accusations.

A real false accusation is craftily devised and done with mature maliciousness and clear intent to cause harm to the individual.

I can give you an example. Lets say that you have learned that a brother has previously stolen cars. Then you take your car and hide it somewhere and then you claim you saw the brother on your ground and that the car is gone and then you contact the police and claim that you have seen him on the grounds and then the car was gone.

Another example of a false accusation. Lets say you are a woman. Then you spent some time with a man. He offended you somehow. Maybe he didn't like you and didn't want to have sex with you. Then you claim that he has raped you and contact the police and accuse him or rape.

We have the example of Joseph in Egypt and the Pharaohs wife. That is an example of a false accusation.

People don't realize what a false accusation is. A false accusation is actually in some cases criminal.

A woman falsely accused some men of rape in Greece and she was facing jail time for it.

A false accusation is cleverly devised often looking at the victims past sins and then using some true information and then adding some false information in order to make it look that something happened that didn't happen. Then the person contact the police about it to complete the false accusation. This is a false accusation.

Being impolite to a person or reviling a person or slandering a person is not a false accusation. Because you aren't accusing the person of a crime.

In today's society the workers of iniquity cannot openly torture people and openly do their catholic inquisition. So false accusation is the method to make it possible. The inquisition is illegal today. You cannot legally torture people as the catholic church did in the middle ages. But you can falsely accuse people to the cops to get them tortured legally.