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Chapter summaries

CHAP. I. 1 The time of Ezekiels prophecie at Chebar. 4 His vision of foure Cherubims, 15 Of the foure wheeles, 26 and of the glory of God.

CHAP. II. 1 Ezekiels commission: 6 His instruction. 9 The roule of his heauie prophecie.

CHAP. III. 1 Ezekiel eateth the roule. 4 God encourageth him. 15 God sheweth him the rule of prophecie. 22 God shutteth and openeth the Prophets mouth.

CHAP. IV. 1 Vnder the type of a siege, is shewed the time from the defection of Ieroboam to the captiuitie. 9 By the prouision of the siege, is shewed the hardnesse of the famine.

CHAP. V. 1 Vnder the type of haire, 5 is shewed the iudgement of Ierusalem for their rebellion, 12 by famine, sword and dispersion.

CHAP. VI. 1 The iudgement of Israel for their idolatrie. 8 A remnant shall be blessed. 11 The faithfull are exhorted to lament their calamities.

CHAP. VII. 1 The final desolation of Israel. 16 The mournfull repentance of them that escape. 20 The enemies defile the Sanctuarie, because of the Israelites abominations. 23 Vnder the type of a chaine, is shewed their miserable captiuitie.

CHAP. VIII. 1 Ezekiel in a vision of God, at Ierusalem, 5 is shewed the image of Ielousie. 7 The chambers of Imagery. 13 The mourners for Tammuz, 15 the worshippers towards the Sunne. 18 Gods wrath for their idolatry.

CHAP. IX. 1 A vision whereby is shewed the preseruation of some, 5 and the destruction of the rest. 8 God cannot be intreated for them.

CHAP. X. 1 The vision of the coales of fire, to bee scattered ouer the citie. 8 The vision of the Cherubims.

CHAP. XI. 1 The presumption of the Princes. 4 Their sinne and iudgement. 13 Ezekiel complaining, God sheweth him his purpose in sauing a remnant, 21 and punishing the wicked. 22 The Glory of God leaueth the Citie. 24 Ezekiel is returned to the captiuitie.

CHAP. XII. 1 The type of Ezekiels remouing. 8 It shewed the captiuitie of Zedekiah. 17 Ezekiels trembling sheweth the Iewes desolation. 21 The Iewes presumptuous prouerbe is reprooued. 26 The speedinesse of the Vision.

CHAP. XIII. 1 The reproofe of lying Prophets, 10 and their vntempered morter. 17 Of Prophetesses and their pillowes.

CHAP. XIV. 1 God answereth idolaters according to their owne heart. 6 They are exhorted to repent, for feare of iudgements, by meanes of seduced prophets. 12 Gods irreuocable sentence of famine, 15 of noisome beasts, 17 of the sword, 19 and of pestilence. 22 A remnant shalbe reserued for example of others.

CHAP. XV. 1 By the vnfitnesse of the Vine branch for any worke, 16 is shewed the reiection of Ierusalē.

CHAP. XVI. 1 Vnder the similitude of a wretched infant, is shewed the naturall state of Ierusalem. 6 Gods extraordinarie loue towards her. 15 Her monstrous whoredome. 35 Her grieuous Iudgement. 44 Her sinne, matching her mother, and exceeding her sisters, Sodome and Samaria, calleth for Iudgements. 60 Mercy is promised her in the end.

CHAP. XVII. 1 Vnder the parable of two Eagles and a Vine, 11 is shewed Gods iudgement vpon Ierusalem for reuolting from Babylon to Egypt. 22 God promiseth to plant the Cedar of the Gospel.

CHAP. XVIII. 1 God reprooueth the vniust parable of sowre grapes. 5 He sheweth how he dealeth with a iust father: 10 with a wicked sonne of a iust father: 14 with a iust sonne of a wicked father: 19 with a wicked man repenting: 24 with a iust man reuolting. 25 Hee defendeth his iustice, 31 and exhorteth to repentance.

CHAP. XIX. 1 A lamentation for the Princes of Israel, vnder the parable of Lyons whelpes taken in a pit, 10 and for Ierusalem, vnder the parable of a wasted vine.

CHAP. XX. 1 God refuseth to be consulted by the Elders of Israel. 5. He sheweth the story of their rebellions in Egypt, 10 in the wildernes, 27 and in the land. 33 He promiseth to gather them by the Gospel. 45 Vnder the name of a forest he sheweth the destruction of Ierusalem.

CHAP. XXI. 1 Ezekiel prophecieth against Ierusalem, with a signe of sighing. 8 The sharpe and bright sword, 18 against Ierusalem, 25 against the kingdome, 28 and against the Ammonites.

CHAP. XXII. 1 A Catalogue of sinnes in Ierusalem. 13 God will burne them as drosse in his furnace. 23 The generall corruption of Prophets, Priests, Princes, and people.

CHAP. XXIII. 1 The whoredomes of Aholah & Aholibah. 22 Aholibah is to be plagued by her louers. 36 The Prophet reproueth the adulteries of them both, 45 and sheweth their iudgements.

CHAP. XXIV. 1 Vnder the parable of a boiling pot, 6 is shewed the irreuocable destruction of Ierusalem. 15 By the signe of Ezekiel not mourning for the death of his wife, 19 is shewed the calamity of the Iewes to be beyond all sorow.

CHAP. XXV. 1 Gods vengeance, for their insolencie against the Iewes, vpon the Ammonites. 8 Vpon Moab and Seir. 12 Vpon Edom, 15 and vpon the Philistines.

CHAP. XXVI. 1 Tyrus, for insulting against Ierusalem, is threatned. 7 The power of Nebuchadrezzar against her. 15 The mourning and astonishment of the sea, at her fall.

CHAP. XXVII. 1 The rich supply of Tyrus. 26 The great and vnrecouerable fall thereof.

CHAP. XXVIII. 1 Gods iudgement vpon the prince of Tyrus, for his sacrilegious pride. 11 A lamentation, of his great glory corrupted by sinne. 20 The iudgement of Zidon. 24 The restauration of Israel.

CHAP. XXIX. 1 The iudgement of Pharaoh, for his treachery to Israel. 8 The desolation of Egypt. 13 The restauration thereof, after fourtie yeeres. 17 Egypt the reward of Nebuchad-rezzar. 21 Israel shall be restored.

CHAP. XXX. 1 The desolation of Egypt, and her helpers. 20 The arme of Babylon shalbe strengthened to breake the arme of Egypt.

CHAP. XXXI. 1 A relation vnto Pharaoh, 3 of the glory of Assyria, 10 and the fall thereof, for pride. 18 The like destruction of Egypt.

CHAP. XXXII. 1 A lamentation for the fearefull fall of Egypt. 11 The sword of Babylon shall destroy it. 17 It shall be brought downe to hell, among all the vncircumcised Nations.

CHAP. XXXIII. 1 According to the duetie of a watchman, in warning the people, 7 Ezekiel is admonished of his duetie. 20 God sheweth the iustice of his wayes towards the penitent, and towards reuolters. 17 Hee maintaineth his Iustice. 21 Vpon the newes of the taking of Ierusalem, he prophecieth the desolation of the land. 30 Gods iudgment vpon the mockers of the Prophets.

CHAP. XXXIV. 1 A reproofe of the shepheards. 7 Gods iudgement against them. 11 His prouidence for his flocke. 20 The kingdome of Christ.

CHAP. XXXV. The iudgment of Mount Seir, for their hatred of Israel.

CHAP. XXXVI. 1 The land of Israel is comforted, both by destruction of the heathen, who spitefully vsed it, 8 and by the blessings of God promised vnto it. 16 Israel was reiected for their sinne, 21 and shall be restored without their desert. 25 The blessings of Christs kingdome.

CHAP. XXXVII. 1 By the resurrection of dry bones, 11 the dead hope of Israel is reuiued, 15 by the vniting of two stickes, 18 is shewed the incorporation of Israel into Iudah. 20 The promises of Christs kingdome.

CHAP. XXXVIII. 1 The armie, 8 and malice of Gog. 14 Gods iudgement against him.

CHAP. XXXIX. 1 Gods iudement vpon Gog. 8 Israels victory. 11 Gogs buriall in Hamon-Gog. 17 The feast of the Foules. 23 Israel hauing beene plagued for their sinnes, shall be gathered againe with eternall fauour.

CHAP. XL. 1 The time, maner and end of the vision. 6 The description of the East gate, 20 of the North gate, 24 of the South gate, 32 of the East gate, 35 and of the North gate. 39 Eight Tables. 44 The chambers. 48 The porch of the house.

CHAP. XLI. The measures, parts, chambers and ornaments of the Temple.

CHAP. XLII. 1 The chambers for the Priests. 13 The vse therof. 19 The measures of the outward court.

CHAP. XLIII. 1 The returning of the glory of God into the Temple. 7 The sinne of Israel hindered Gods presence. 10 The Prophet exhorteth them to repentance, and obseruation of the Law of the house. 13 The measures, 18 and the ordinances of the Altar.

CHAP. XLIV. 1 The East gate assigned onely to the Prince. 4 The Priestes reprooued for polluting of the Sanctuary. 9 Idolaters vncapable of the Priests office. 15 The sonnes of Zadok are accepted therto. 17 Ordinances for the Priests.

CHAP. XLV. 1 The portion of land for the Sanctuarie, 6 for the citie, 7 and for the Prince. 9 Ordinances for the Prince.

CHAP. XLVI. 1 Ordinances for the Prince, in his worship, 9 and for the people. 16 An order for the Princes inheritance. 19 The courts for boyling and baking.

CHAP. XLVII. 1 The vision of the holy waters. 6 The vertue of them. 13 The borders of the land. 22 The diuision of it by lot.

CHAP. XLVIII. 1. 23 The portions of the twelue Tribes, 8 of the Sanctuarie, 15 of the citie and Suburbs, 21 and of the Prince. 30 The dimensions and gates of the citie.