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Chapter summaries

CHAP. I. 1 All wisedome is from God. 10 He giueth it to them that loue him. 12 The feare of God is full of many blessings. 28 To feare God without hypocrisie.

CHAP. II. 1 Gods seruants must looke for trouble, 7 and be patient, and trust in him. 12 For woe to them that doe not so. 15 But they that feare the Lord, will doe so.

CHAP. III. 3 Children must honour, and helpe both their parents. 21 We may not desire to knowe all things 26 The incorrigible must needes perish. 30 Almes are rewarded.

CHAP. IV. 1 We may not despise the poore or fatherlesse, 11 but seeke for Wisedome, 20 and not be ashamed of some things, nor gainsay the trueth, 30 nor be as lyons in our houses.

CHAP. V. 1 Wee must not presume of our wealth and strength, 6 Nor of the mercie of God to sinne. 9 We must not be double tongued, 12 Nor answere without knowledge.

CHAP. VI. 2 Doe not extoll thy owne conceit, 7 But make choise of a friend. 18 Seeke wisedome betimes: 20 It is grieuous to some, 28 yet the fruits thereof are pleasant. 35 Be ready to heare wise men.

CHAP. VII. 1 Wee are exhorted from sinne, 4 from ambition, 8 presumption, 10 and fainting in prayer: 12 from lying and backebiting, 18 and how to esteeme a friend: 19 A good wife: 20 a seruant: 22 our cattell: 23 our children and parents: 31 the Lord and his Priests: 32 the poore and those that mourne.

CHAP. VIII. 1 Whom we may not striue with, 8 nor despise, 10 nor prouoke, 15 nor haue to doe with.

CHAP. IX. 1 We are aduised how to vse our wiues. 3 What women to auoide. 10 And not to change an old friend. 13 Not to be familiar with men in authority, 14 But to knowe our neighbours, 15 And to conuerse with wise men.

CHAP. X. 1 The commodities of a wise ruler. 4 God setteth him vp. 7 The inconueniences of pride, iniustice, and couetousnesse. 14 What God hath done to the proud. 19 Who shall be honored, 29 And who not.

CHAP. XI. 4 Wee may not vaunt or set foorth our selues, 8 Nor answere rashly, 10 Nor meddle with many matters. 14 Wealth and all things else, are from God. 14 Bragge not of thy wealth, 29 Nor bring euery man into thy house.

CHAP. XII. 2 Be not liberall to the vngodly. 10 Trust not thine enemie, nor the wicked.

CHAP. XIII. 1 Keepe not companie with the proude, or a mightier then thy selfe. 15 Like will to like. 21 The difference betweene the rich and the poore. 25 A mans heart will change his countenance.

CHAP. XIV. 1 A good conscience maketh men happie. 5 The niggard doth good to none. 13 But doe thou good. 10 Men are happy that draw neere to wisedome.

CHAP. XV. 2 Wisedome embraceth those that feare God. 7 The wicked shall not get her. 11 We may not charge God with our faults: 14 For he made, and left vs to our selues.

CHAP. XVI. 1 It is better to haue none then many lewd children. 6 The wicked are not spared for their number. 12 Both the wrath and the mercy of the Lord are great. 17 The wicked cannot be hid. 20 Gods workes are vnsearchable.

CHAP. XVII. 1 How God created and furnished man. 14 Auoid all sinne: 19 For God seeth all things. 25 Turne to him while thou liuest.

CHAP. XVIII. 4 Gods workes are to be wondred at. 9 Mans life is short. 11 God is mercifull. 15 Doe not blemish thy good deeds with ill wordes. 22 Deferre not to bee iustified. 30 Followe not thy lustes.

CHAP. XIX. 2 Wine and women seduce wise men. 7 Say not all thou hearest. 17 Reproue thy friend without anger. 22 There is no wisedome in wickednesse.

CHAP. XX. 1 Of silence and speaking. 10 Of gifts, and gaine. 18 Of slipping by the tongue. 24 Of lying. 27 Of diuers aduertisements.

CHAP. XXI. 1 Flee from sinne as from a serpent. 4 His oppression will vndoe the rich. 9 The ende of the vniust shall be naught. 12 The differences betweene the foole and the wise.

CHAP. XXII. 1 Of the slouthfull man, 3 and a foolish daughter. 11 Weepe rather for fooles, then for the dead. 13 Meddle not with them. 16 The wise mans heart will not shrinke. 20 What will lose a friend.

CHAP. XXIII. 1 A prayer for grace to flee sinne. 9 We may not vse swearing: 14 But remember our parents. 16 Of three sorts of sinne. 23 The adultresse wife sinneth many waies.

CHAP. XXIV. 2 Wisdome doeth praise herselfe, shew her beginning, 4 Her dwelling, 13 Her glory, 17 Her fruit, 26 Her increase, and perfection.

CHAP. XXV. 1 What things are beautifull, and what hatefull. 6 What is the crowne of age. 7 What things make men happy. 13 Nothing worse then a wicked woman.

CHAP. XXVI. 1 A good wife, 4 and a good conscience doe glad men. 6 A wicked wife is a feareful thing. 13 Of good and bad wiues. 28 Of three things that are grieuous. 29 Merchants and hucksters are not without sinne.

CHAP. XXVII. 1 Of sinnes in selling and buying. 7 Our speach will tell what is in vs. 16 A friend is lost by discouering his secrets. 25 Hee that diggeth a pit shall fall into it.

CHAP. XXVIII. 1 Against reuenge. 8 Quarrelling, 10 Anger, 15 And backbiting.

CHAP. XXIX. 2. Wee must shew mercy and lend: 4 but the borower must not defraud the lender. 9 Giue almes. 14 A good man will not vndoe his suretie. 18 To be suretie and vndertake for others is dangerous. 22 It is better to liue at home, then to soiourne.

CHAP. XXX. 1 It is good to correct our children, 7 and not to cocker them. 14 Health is better then wealth. 22 Health and life are shortened by griefe.

CHAP. XXXI. 1 Of the desire of riches. 12 Of moderation and excesse in eating, or drinking wine.

CHAP. XXXII. 1 Of his duty that is cheefe or master in a feast. 14 Of the feare of God. 18 Of counsell. 20 Of a ragged and a smooth way. 23 Trust not to any but to thy selfe and to God.

CHAP. XXXIII. 1 The safety of him that feareth the Lord. 2 The wise and the foolish. 7 Times and seasons are of God. 10 Men are in his hands, as clay in the hands of the potter. 18 Cheefely regard thy selfe. 24 Of seruants.

CHAP. XXXIV. 1 Of dreames. 13 The praise and blessing of them that feare the Lord. 18 The offering of the ancient, and praier of the poore innocent.

CHAP. XXXV. 1 Sacrifices pleasing God. 14 The prayer of the fatherlesse, of the widow, and of the humble in spirit. 20 Acceptable mercy.

CHAP. XXXVI. 1 A prayer for the Church against the enemies thereof. 18 A good heart and a froward. 21 Of a good wife.

CHAP. XXXVII. 1 How to know friends and counsellers. 12 The discretion and wisedome of a godly man blesseth him. 27 Learne to refraine thine appetite.

CHAP. XXXVIII. 1 Honour due to the Phisitian, and why. 16 How to weepe and mourne for the dead. 24 The wisedome of the learned man, and of the Labourer and Artificer: with the vse of them both.

CHAP. XXXIX. 1 A description of him that is truely wise. 12 An exhortation to praise God for his workes, which are good to the good, and euill to them that are euill.

CHAP. XL. 1 Many miseries in a mans life. 12 The reward of vnrighteousnesse, and the fruit of true dealing. 17 A vertuous wife, & an honest friend reioyce the heart, but the feare of the Lord is aboue all. 28 A beggers life is hatefull.

CHAP. XLI. 1 The remembrance of Death. 3 Death is not to be feared. 5 The vngodly shall be accursed. 11 Of an euill and a good name. 14 Wisedome is to be vttered. 16 Of what things we should be ashamed.

CHAP. XLII. 1 Whereof we should not be ashamed. 9 Be carefull of thy daughter. 12 Beware of a woman. 15 The workes and greatnes of God.

CHAP. XLIII. 1 The workes of God in heauen, and in earth, and in the sea, are exceeding glorious and wonderfull. 29 Yet God himselfe in his power and wisedome is aboue all.

CHAP. XLIV. 1 The praise of certaine holy men: 16 Of Enoch, 17 Noah, 19 Abraham, 22 Isaac, 23 and Iacob.

CHAP. XLV. 1 The praise of Moses, 6 Of Aaron, 23 and of Phinees.

CHAP. XLVI. 1 The praise of Ioshua, 9 Of Caleb, 13 Of Samuel.

CHAP. XLVII. 1 The praise of Nathan, 2 Of Dauid, 12 Of Solomon his glory, and infirmities. 23 Of his end and punishment.

CHAP. XLVIII. 1 The praise of Elias, 12 of Elizeus, 17 and of Ezekias.

CHAP. XLIX. 1 The praise of Iosias, 4 Of Dauid and Ezekias, 6 Of Ieremie, 8 Of Ezechiel, 11 Zorobabel, 12 Iesus the sonne of Iosedec. 13 Of Nehemiah, Enoch, Seth, Sem, and Adam.

CHAP. L. 1 Of Simon the sonne of Onias. 22 How the people were taught to praise God, and pray. 27 The conclusion.