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Ecclesiastes 1

Ecclesiastes 2

Ecclesiastes 3

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Ecclesiastes 5

Ecclesiastes 6

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Ecclesiastes 9

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Ecclesiastes 12

Chapter summaries

CHAP. I. 1 The Preacher sheweth that all humane courses are vaine: 4 Because the creatures are restlesse in their courses, 9 They bring foorth nothing newe, and all olde things are forgotten, 12 And because he hath found it so in the studies of wisedome.

CHAP. II. 1 The vanitie of humane courses in the workes of pleasure. 12 Though the wise be better then the foole, yet both haue one euent. 18 The vanitie of humane labour, in leauing it they know not to whom. 24 Nothing better then ioy in our labour, but that is Gods gift.

CHAP. III. 1 By the necessary change of times, vanitie is added to humane trauaile. 11 There is an excellencie in Gods workes: 16 But as for man, God shall iudge his workes there, and here he shalbe like a beast.

CHAP. IV. 1 Vanitie is encreased vnto men by oppression, 4 By enuie, 5 By idlenesse, 7 By couetousnesse, 9 By solitarinesse, 13 By wilfulnesse.

CHAP. V. 1 Vanities in Diuine seruice, 8 in murmuring against oppression, 9 and in Riches. 18 Ioy in riches is the gift of God. CHAP. VI.

1 The vanitie of riches without vse. 3 Of children, 6 and old age without riches. 9 The vanitie of sight and wandring desires. 11 The conclusion of vanities.

CHAP. VII. 1 Remedies against vanitie, are a good name, 2 Mortification, 7 Patience, 11 Wisedome. 23 The difficultie of wisedome.

CHAP. VIII. 1 Kings are greatly to bee respected. 6 The Diuine prouidence is to be obserued. 12 It is better with the godly in aduersitie, then with the wicked in prosperity. 16 The worke of God is vnsearchable.

CHAP. IX. 1 Like things happen to good and bad. 4 There is a necessitie of death vnto men. 7 Comfort is all their portion in this life. 11 Gods prouidence ruleth ouer all. 13 Wisdome is better then strength.

CHAP. X. 1 Obseruations of Wisedome and folly. 16 Of Riot, 18 Slouthfulnesse, 19 and Money. 20 Mens thoughts of Kings ought to bee reuerend.

CHAP. XI. 1 Directions for charitie. 7 Death in life, 9 and the day of iudgement in the dayes of youth are to be thought on.

CHAP. XII. 1 The Creator is to be remembred in due time. 8 The Preachers care to edifie. 13 The feare of God is the chiefe Antidote of vanitie.