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Deliverance can be crying out to the LORD and the LORD helps you.

The righteous cry, and the LORD heareth, and delivereth them out of all their troubles. — KJV, Psalms 34:17

But I have had deliverance by that the scripture has been quickened to me at the moment i needed it and i realized that i had to take it seriously, taking scripture seriously.

But there can be situations where there really is no way out. Where you are absolutely in a situation where you are surrounded by the enemy and about to die. And we have that in 2 kings 7.

And we see here that deliverance happens and it does not happen the way that they expect it. So Gods ways are unsearchable. And we are to trust in God and pray for deliverance, pray for God to save us out of trouble and live by faith. That is faith that God is going to deliver us, as it says in the lords prayer.

Rather than loose faith and choose not to pray for deliverance and not to trust in the Lord. At least this is the case when you are in a situation where you really cant get out of it by yourself, as in 2 kings 7. Then we are to pray for deliverance and wait.

I mean its always good to pray. But someone who doesn't live by faith and doesn't pray for deliverance but chooses to not believe that God is going to deliver them might not get delivered either.

So absolutely we should live by faith. But in many situations there are things that we can do according to the scriptures that can help us out of trouble in this world. And a lot of that is about what the the IPDs are about.