Daniels 70th week heretick

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A Daniels 70th week heretic is someone that says that Daniels 70th week is in the end times, that it is the period described in the book of revelation, a 7 year period of tribulation described in the book of revelation.

They say that Daniels 70th week has not already happened. They claim that it is to come.

The truth is that Daniels 70th week started when Jesus began his ministry when he was 30 years old. The mid point of Daniels 70th week was when Jesus was crucified and resurrected. The end of Daniels 70th week was when Stephen was stoned and salvation went to the gentiles.

Daniels 70th week hereticks generally follow some preacher that tells them this. They believe what ever the majority believes. They think it must be true because everyone else believes it. They trust the scholars. They don't research the bible themselves. They don't compare scripture with scripture but rather they watch videos from their favorite preacher.

They might be dispensational. They subscribe to the futurist interpratation of the book of revelation and are either pretrib, mid trib, post trib or prewrath in their end times interpretation.