Blayney KJV

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Blayney KJV


Blayney KJV is the standard KJV text that you find from oxford or cambridge or other publishers that publish King James Bible.

The Blayney KJV is also called the Standard text of 1769.

It is called the Blayney KJV because it was edited by [Benjamin Blayney].

Almost all king james bibles that you will find in shops and on people are this 1769.

Some call the Blayney KJV the AV1769 as opposed to the AV1611.

The Blayney KJV is basically the Oxford 1833 reprint minus the chapter summaries plus some spelling corrections minus the Apocrypha.


Even though i recommend the 1833 oxford reprint of the king james bible. I think that other king james bibles are ok too.

The main difference between the Oxford 1833 reprint and the other king james bibles (Blayney KJV's) are that the Oxford 1833 reprint have the summary for each chapter that exists in the original 1611 version. The king james bibles (Blayney KJV's) that you buy in the stores do not have that.

I do not recommend other version of the bible. Like the new King James Bible. I dont recommend that. Stay away from that.

Apart from the oxford 1833 edition of the kjv i also read in a king james bible that i bought from cambridge (Blayney KJVs). It is the large print king james bible. I think it is good because it has a bit larger font size than most king james bibles from cambridge. Also it is just the word of God, no commentary and no maps or other text which is good too. Commentaries are not recommended. Read the bible itself and let God teach you.

Here is a link to the cambridge king james bible large print (Blayney KJV) that i recommend.