A typical church

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This is an illustration of a typical church.

The fox is there. The enemy of the truth is there. The hireling is there. The nominal christian is there. The broadroaders are there. And maybe one or two sheeps are there too. The 1cor5 brother is there. And they are using modern versions. The pastor is being updated from the world council of churches. Catholicism] is part of the doctrine. Water baptism and salvation is Acts 2:38. They do not use inspired bibles, non of them. And they are friends of the world. They take Satans side against christians.

Its a public building so nobody can be discriminated against by being not allowed to enter. So infiltrators can go in, falsely accuse people or lie legally and nobody can stop them.

Its basically as much God as you find in the welfare system buildings, like social services building, State insurance, national health care buildings, psychiatry building or unemployment office. There is no more God in the building than that.

Also people who volunteer in the church can do a lot of stuff that other people cant do because they are needed for the work they are doing. That is not wrong itself but the problem is that the church itself take the side of satan in conflicts.

You are expected to either work for the church or tithe or both. If you dont your mistakes are not forgiven.

Church doctrine is applied.