2 Maccabees

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Chapter summaries

CHAP. I. 1 A letter of the Iewes from Ierusalem to them of Egypt, to thanke God for the death of Antiochus. 19 Of the fire that was hidde in the pit. 24 The prayer of Nehemias.

CHAP. II. 1 What Ieremie the Prophet did. 5 How he hid the Tabernacle, the Arke, and the Altar. 13 What Neemias, and Iudas wrote. 20 What Iason wrote in fiue bookes, 25 And how those were abridged by the author of this booke.

CHAP. III. 1 Of the honour done to the Temple by the Kings of the Gentiles. 4 Simon vttereth what treasures are in the Temple. 7 Heliodorus is sent to take them away. 24 He is stricken of God, and healed at the praier of Onias.

CHAP. IV. 1 Simon slandereth Onias. 7 Iason by corrupting the king, obteineth the office of the hie Priest. 24 Menelaus getteth the same from Iason by the like corruption. 34 Andronicus traiterously murdereth Onias. 36 The King being informed thereof, causeth Andronicus to be put to death. 39 The wickednes of Lysimachus, by the instigation of Menelaus.

CHAP. V. 2 Of the signes and tokens seene in Ierusalem. 6 Of the end and wickednesse of Iason. 11 The pursuit of Antiochus against the Iewes. 15 The spoiling of the Temple. 27 Maccabeus fleeth into the wildernes.

CHAP. VI. 1 The Iewes are compelled to leaue the Law of God. 4 The Temple is defiled. 8 Crueltie vpon the people and the women. 12 An exhortation to beare affliction, by the example of the valiant courage of Eleazarus, cruelly tortured.

CHAP. VII. The constancie and cruell death of seuen brethren and their mother in one day, because they would not eate swines flesh at the kings commandement.

CHAP. VIII. 1 Iudas gathereth an hoste. 9 Nicanor is sent against him: who presumeth to make much money of his prisoners. 16 Iudas encourageth his men, and putteth Nicanor to flight, 28 and diuideth the spoiles. 30 Other enemies are also defeated, 35 And Nicanor fleeth with griefe to Antioch.

CHAP. IX. 1 Antiochus is chased from Persepolis. 5 Hee is striken with a sore disease, 14 and promiseth to become a Iew. 28 He dieth miserably.

CHAP. X. 1 Iudas recouereth the Citie, and purifieth the Temple. 14 Gorgias vexeth the Iewes. 16 Iudas winneth their holds. 29 Timotheus and his men are discomfited. 35 Gazara is taken, and Timotheus slaine.

CHAP. XI. 3 Lysias thinking to get Ierusalem, 8 Is put to flight. 16 The letters of Lysias to the Iewes: 22 Of the king vnto Lysias: 27 and to the Iewes: 34 Of the Romanes to the Iewes.

CHAP. XII. 1 The Kings lieutenants vexe the Iewes. 3 They of Ioppe drowne two hundred Iewes. 6 Iudas is auenged vpon them. 11 Hee maketh peace with the Arabians, 16 and taketh Caspis. 22 Timotheus armies ouerthrowen.

CHAP. XIII. 1 Eupator inuadeth Iudea. 15 Iudas by night slayeth many. 18 Eupators purpose is defeated. 23 He maketh peace with Iudas.

CHAP. XIV. 6 Alcimus accuseth Iudas. 18 Nicanor maketh peace with Iudas. 39 He seeketh to take Rhafis, 46 who to escape his hands, killeth himselfe.

CHAP. XV. 5 Nicanors blasphemie. 8 Iudas incourageth his men by his dreame. 28 Nicanor is slaine.