2 Corinthians

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Chapter summaries

CHAP. I. 3 The Apostle incourageth them against troubles, by the comforts and deliuerances which God had giuen him, as in all his afflictions, 8 so particularly in his late danger in Asia. 12 And calling both his owne conscience, and theirs to witnesse, of his sincere maner of preaching the immutable trueth of the Gospel, 15 Hee excuseth his not comming to them, as proceeding not of lightnesse, but of his lenitie towards them.

CHAP. II. 1 Hauing shewed the reason why he came not to them, 6 Hee requireth them to forgiue and to comfort that excommunicated person, 10 Euen as himselfe also vpon his true repentance had forgiuen him, 12 declaring withall why hee departed from Troas to Macedonia, 14 and the happy successe which God gaue to his preaching in all places.

CHAP. III. 1 Lest their false teachers should charge him with vaineglory, hee sheweth the faith and graces of the Corinthians, to bee a sufficient commendation of his ministerie. 6 Whereupon entring a comparison betweene the ministers of the Law & of the Gospel, 12 he proueth that his ministerie is so far the more excellent, as the Gospel of life and libertie is more glorious then the law of condemnation.

CHAP. IV. 1 He declareth how hee hath vsed all synceritie and faithfull diligence in preaching the Gospel, 7 and how the troubles and persecutions which he dayly indured for the same, did redound to the praise of Gods power, 12 to the benefit of the Church, 16 and to the Apostles owne eternall glory.

CHAP. V. 1 That in his assured hope of immortall glorie, 9 and in expectance of it, and of the generall iudgement, hee laboureth to keepe a good conscience, 12 not that he may herein boast of himselfe, 14 but as one that hauing receiued life from Christ, indeuoureth to liue as a new creature to Christ onely, 18 and by his ministery of reconciliation to reconcile others also in Christ to God.

CHAP. VI. That hee hath approued himselfe a faithfull minister of Christ, both by his exhortations, 3 and by integritie of life, 4 and by patient enduring all kinds of affliction and disgraces for the Gospel. 10 Of which hee speaketh the more boldly amongst them, because his heart is open to them, 13 And he expecteth the like affection from them againe, 14 Exhorting to flee the societie and pollutions of Idolaters, as being themselues Temples of the liuing God.

CHAP. VII. 1 Hee proceedeth in exhorting them to puritie of life, 2 and to beare him like affection as hee doeth to them. 3 Whereof, lest hee might seeme to doubt, hee declareth what comfort he tooke in his afflictions, by the report which Titus gaue of their godly sorrow, which his former Epistle had wrought in them, 13 and of their louing kindnes and obedience towards Titus, answerable to his former boastings of them.

CHAP. VIII. 1 He stirreth them vp to a liberall contribution for the poore Saints at Ierusalem, by the example of the Macedonians, 7 by commendation of their former forwardnesse, 9 by the example of Christ, 14 and by the spirituall profit that shall redound to themselues thereby: 16 Commending to them the integritie and willingnesse of Titus, and those other brethren, who vpon his request, exhortation and commendation, were purposely come to them for this businesse.

CHAP. IX. 1 Hee yeeldeth the reason why, though hee knewe their forwardnesse, yet hee sent Titus and his brethren before hand. 6 And hee proceedeth in stirring them vp to a bountifull almes, as being but a kind of sowing of seed, 10 which shall returne a great increase to them, 13 and occasion a great sacrifice of thanksgiuings vnto God.

CHAP. X. Against the false Apostles, who disgraced the weaknesse of his person and bodily presence, he setteth out the spirituall might and authoritie, with which hee is armed against all aduersary powers, 7 assuring them that at his comming hee will bee found as mightie in word, as hee is now in writing beeing absent, 12 And withall taxing them for reaching out themselues beyond their compasse, and vanting thēselues into other mens labors.

CHAP. XI. 1 Out of his ielousie ouer the Corinthians, who seemed to make more account of the false apostles, then of him, he entreth into a forced commendation of himselfe, 5 of his equalitie with the chiefe Apostles, 7 of his preaching the Gospel to them freely, and without any their charge, 13 shewing that hee was not inferiour to those deceitfull workers, in any legall prerogatiue, 13 and in the seruice of Christ, and in all kind of sufferings for his ministery, farre superiour.

CHAP. XII. 1 For commending of his Apostleship, though he might glory of his wonderfull reuelations, 9 Yet hee rather chuseth to glory of his infirmities, 11 blaming them for forcing him to this vaine boasting. 14 Hee promiseth to come to them againe: but yet altogether in the affection of a father, 10 although hee feareth he shall to his griefe finde many offenders, and publike disorders there.

CHAP. XIII. 1 He threatneth seueritie, and the power of his Apostleship against obstinate sinners. 5 And aduising them to a triall of their faith, 7 and to a reformation of their sinnes before his comming, 11 He concludeth his Epistle with a generall exhortation and a prayer.