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Chapter summaries

CHAP. I. 1 Elkanah a Leuite hauing two wiues, worshippeth yeerely at Shiloh. 4 Hee cherisheth Hannah, though barren, and prouoked by Peninnah. 9 Hannah in griefe, prayeth for a childe. 12 Eli first rebuking her, afterwards blesseth her. 19 Hannah hauing borne Samuel, stayeth at home till he be weaned. 24 She presenteth him, according to her vow, to the Lord.

CHAP. II. 1 Hannahs song in thankefulnesse. 12 The sinne of Elies sonnes. 18 Samuels ministerie. 20 By Elies blessing, Hannah is more fruitfull. 22 Eli reprooueth his sonnes. 28 A prophecie against Elies house.

CHAP. III. 1 How the word of the Lord was first reuealed to Samuel. 11 God telleth Samuel the destruction of Elies house. 15 Samuel, though loth, telleth Eli the vision. 19 Samuel groweth in credit.

CHAP. IV. 1 The Israelites are ouercome by the Philistines at Aben-Ezer. 3 They fetch the Arke, vnto the terrour of the Philistines. 10 They are smitten againe, the Arke taken, Hophni and Phinehas are slaine. 12 Eli at the newes, falling backward, breaketh his necke. 19 Phinehas wife, discouraged in her trauaile with Ichabod, dieth.

CHAP. V. 1 The Philistines hauing brought the Arke into Ashdod, set it in the house of Dagon. 3 Dagon is smitten downe and cut in pieces, and they of Ashdod smitten with Emerods. 8 So God dealeth with them of Gath, when it was brought thither: 10 and so with them of Ekron when it was brought thither.

CHAP. VI. 1 After seuen moneths the Philistines take counsell, how to send backe the Arke. 10 They bring it on a new cart with an offering vnto Bethshemesh. 19 The people are smitten for looking into the Arke. 21 They send to them of Kiriath-iearim to fetch it.

CHAP. VII. 1 They of Kiriath-iearim bring the Arke into the house of Abinadab, and sanctifie Eleazar his sonne to keepe it. 2 After twentie yeeres 3 The Israelites, by Samuels meanes, solemnly repent at Mizpeh. 7 While Samuel prayeth and sacrificeth, the Lord discomfiteth the Philistines by thunder, at Eben-ezer. 13 The Philistines are subdued. 15 Samuel peaceably and religiously iudgeth Israel.

CHAP. VIII. 1 By occasion of the ill gouernment of Samuels sonnes, the Israelites aske a King. 6 Samuel praying in griefe is comforted by God. 10 Hee telleth the manner of a King. 19 God willeth Samuel to yeeld vnto the importunitie of the people.

CHAP. IX. 1 Saul despairing to finde his fathers asses, 6 by the counsell of his seruaunt, 11 and direction of young maidens, 15 according to Gods reuelation, 18 commeth to Samuel. 19 Samuel entertaineth Saul at the feast. 25 Samuel after secret communication, bringeth Saul on his way.

CHAP. X. 1 Samuel anoynteth Saul. 2 Hee confirmeth him by prediction of three signes. 9 Sauls heart is changed, and he prophecieth. 14 He concealeth the matter of the kingdome from his vncle. 17 Saul is chosen at Mizpeh by lot. 26 The different affections of his subiects.

CHAP. XI. 1 Nahash offereth them of Iabesh Gilead a reprochfull condition. 4 They send messengers and are deliuered by Saul. 12 Saul thereby is confirmed, and his kingdome renewed.

CHAP. XII. 1 Samuel testifieth his integritie. 6 Hee reprooueth the people of ingratitude. 16 He terrifieth them with thunder in haruest time. 20 He comforteth them in Gods mercy.

CHAP. XIII. 1 Sauls selected band. 3 Hee calleth the Hebrewes to Gilgal against the Philistines, whose garrison Ionathan had smitten. 5 The Philistines great hoste. 6 The distresse of the Israelites. 8 Saul weary of staying for Samuel, sacrificeth. 11 Samuel reproueth him. 17 The three spoiling bands of the Philistines. 19 The policie of the Philistines, to suffer no Smith in Israel.

CHAP. XIV. 1 Ionathan, vnwitting to his father, the Priest, or the people, goeth and miraculously smiteth the Philistines garrison. 15 A diuine terrour maketh them beate themselues. 17 Saul not staying the Priests answere, setteth on them. 21 The captiuated Hebrewes, and the hidden Israelites, ioyne against them. 24 Sauls vnaduised adiuration, hindreth the victory. 32 Hee restraineth the people from eating blood. 35 He buildeth an Altar. 36 Ionathan taken by lot, is saued by the people. 47 Sauls strength and family.

CHAP. XV. 1 Samuel sendeth Saul to destroy Amalek. 6 Saul fauoureth the Kenites. 8 Hee spareth Agag and the best of the spoile. 10 Samuel denounceth vnto Saul commending and excusing himselfe, Gods reiection of him for his disobedience. 24 Sauls humiliation. 32 Samuel killeth Agag. 34 Samuel and Saul part.

CHAP. XVI. 1 Samuel sent by God, vnder pretence of a sacrifice, commeth to Bethlehem. 6 His humane iudgement is reprooued. 11 He anointeth Dauid. 15 Saul sendeth for Dauid to quiet his euill spirit.

CHAP. XVII. 1 The armies of the Israelites, and Philistines beeing readie to battell, 4 Goliath commeth proudly forth, to chalenge a combate. 12 Dauid sent by his father to visit his brethren, taketh the chalenge. 28 Eliab chideth him. 30 He is brought to Saul. 32 He sheweth the reason of his confidence. 38 Without armour, armed by faith, he slayeth the Giant. 55 Saul taketh notice of Dauid.

CHAP. XVIII. 1 Ionathan loueth Dauid. 5 Saul enuieth his praise, 10 Seeketh to kill him in his furie, 12 Feareth him for his good successe, 17 Offereth him his daughters for a snare. 22 Dauid perswaded to be the Kings sonne in law, giueth two hundred foreskinnes of the Philistines for Michals dowrie. 28 Sauls hatred, and Dauids glory increaseth.

CHAP. XIX. 1 Ionathan discloseth his fathers purpose to kill Dauid. 4 Hee perswadeth his father to reconciliation. 8 By reason of Dauids good successe in a new warre, Sauls malicious rage breaketh out against him. 12 Michal deceiueth her father with an image in Dauids bed. 18 Dauid commeth to Samuel in Naioth. 20 Sauls messengers sent to take Dauid, 22 and Saul himselfe, prophesie.

CHAP. XX. 1 Dauid consulteth with Ionathan for his safetie. 11 Ionathan and Dauid renew their couenant by oath. 18 Ionathans token to Dauid. 24 Saul missing Dauid, seeketh to kill Ionathan. 35 Ionathan louingly taketh his leaue of Dauid.

CHAP. XXI. 1 Dauid at Nob, obtaineth of Ahimelech hallowed bread. 7 Doeg was present. 8 Dauid taketh Goliaths sword. 10 Dauid at Gath faineth himselfe madde.

CHAP. XXII. 1 Companies resort vnto Dauid at Adullam. 3 At Mizpeh he commendeth his parents vnto the King of Moab. 5 Admonished by Gad, hee commeth to Hareth. 6 Saul going to pursue him, complaineth of his seruants vnfaithfulnesse. 9 Doeg accuseth Ahimelech. 11 Saul cōmandeth to kil the Priests. 17 The footmen refusing, Doeg executeth it. 20 Abiathar escaping, bringeth Dauid the newes.

CHAP. XXIII. 1 Dauid enquiring of the Lord by Abiathar, rescueth Keilah. 7 God shewing him the comming of Saul and the trecherie of the Keilites, he escapeth from Keilah. 14 In Ziph Ionathan commeth and comforteth him. 19 The Ziphites discouer him to Saul. 25 At Maon he is rescued from Saul by the inuasion of the Philistines. 29 He dwelleth at En-gedi.

CHAP. XXIV. 1 Dauid in a caue at Engedi, hauing cut off Sauls skirt, spareth his life. 8 Hee sheweth thereby his innocencie. 16 Saul acknowledging his fault, taketh an oath of Dauid, and departeth.

CHAP. XXV. 1 Samuel dieth. 2 Dauid in Paran sendeth to Nabal. 10 Prouoked by Nabals churlishnesse, hee mindeth to destroy him. 14 Abigail vnderstanding thereof, 18 taketh a present, 23 and by her wisedome 32 pacifieth Dauid. 36 Nabal hearing thereof, dieth. 39 Dauid taketh Abigail and Ahinoam to be his wiues. 44 Michal is giuen to Phalti.

CHAP. XXVI. 1 Saul by the discouery of the Ziphites, commeth to Hachilah against Dauid. 4 Dauid comming into the trench, stayeth Abishai from killing Saul, but taketh his speare and cruse. 13 Dauid reprooueth Abner, 18 and exhorteth Saul. 21 Saul acknowledgeth his sinne.

CHAP. XXVII. 1 Saul hearing Dauid to be in Gath, seeketh no more for him. 5 Dauid beggeth Ziklag of Achish. 8 Hee inuading other countreys, perswadeth Achish he fought against Iudah.

CHAP. XXVIII. 1 Achish putteth confidence in Dauid. 3 Saul hauing destroyed the witches, 4 and now in his feare forsaken of God, 7 seeketh to a witch. 9 The witch, encouraged by Saul, raiseth vp Samuel. 15 Saul hearing his ruine, fainteth. 21 The woman with his seruants refresh him with meate.

CHAP. XXIX. 1 Dauid marching with the Philistines, 3 is disalowed by their Princes. 6 Achish dismisseth him with commendations of his fidelity.

CHAP. XXX. 1 The Amalekites spoile Ziklag. 4 Dauid asking counsell, is encouraged by God to pursue them. 11 By the meanes of a reuiued Egyptian, he is brought to the enemies, and recouereth all the spoile. 22 Dauids law to diuide the spoile equally betweene them that fight, and them that keepe the stuffe. 26 He sendeth presents to his friends.

CHAP. XXXI. 1 Saul hauing lost his armie, and his sonnes slaine, he and his armour bearer kill themselues. 7 The Philistines possesse the forsaken townes of the Israelites. 8 They triumph ouer the dead carkeises. 11 They of Iabesh Gilead, recouering the bodies by night, burne them at Iabesh, and mournfully burie their bones.