1 Peter

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1 Peter 1

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Chapter summaries

CHAP. I. Hee blesseth God for his manifold spirituall graces: 10 shewing that the saluation in Christ is no newes, but a thing prophesied of olde: 13 And exhorteth them accordingly to a godly conuersation, forasmuch as they are now borne anew by the word of God.

CHAP. II. He dehorteth them from the breach of charitie: 4 shewing that Christ is the foūdation wherupon they are built. 11 He beseecheth them also to abstaine from fleshly lustes, 13 To bee obedient to magistrates, 18 and teacheth seruants how to obey their masters, 20 patiently suffering for well doing after the example of Christ.

CHAP. III. 1 Hee teacheth the duetie of wiues and husbands to each other, 8 exhorting all men to vnitie, and loue, 14 and to suffer persecution. 19 Hee declareth also the benefits of Christ toward the old world.

CHAP. IV. Hee exhorteth them to cease from sinne by the example of Christ, and the consideration of the generall end, that now approcheth: 12 and comforteth them against persecution.

CHAP. V. 1 He exhorteth the Elders to feede their flocks, 5 the yonger to obey, 8 and all to bee sober, watchfull, and constant in the faith: 9 to resist the cruell aduersarie the deuill.