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Chapter summaries

CHAP. I. 14 Antiochus gaue leaue to set vp the fashions of the Gentiles in Hierusalem, 22 And spoiled it, & the temple in it, 57 And set vp therin the abomination of desolation, 63 And slew those that did circumcise their children.

CHAP. II. 6 Mattathias lamenteth the case of Ierusalem. 24 He slayeth a Iewe that did sacrifice to Idoles in his presence, and the Kings messenger also. 34 He and his are assailed vpon the Sabbath, and make no resistance. 50 Hee dieth, and instructeth his sons: 66 and maketh their brother Iudas Maccabeus generall.

CHAP. III. 1 The valour and fame of Iudas Maccabeus. 10 He ouerthroweth the forces of Samaria and Syria. 27 Antiochus sendeth a great power against him. 44 He and his fall to fasting and prayer, 58 and are encouraged.

CHAP. IV. 6 Iudas defeateth the plot 14 and forces of Gorgias, 23 and spoileth their tents, 34 and ouerthroweth Lysias. 45 He pulleth downe the Altar which the heathen had prophaned, and setteth vp a newe, 60 and maketh a wall about Sion.

CHAP. V. 3 Iudas smiteth the children of Dan, Bean, and Ammon. 17 Simon is sent into Galile. 15 The exploits of Iudas in Galaad. 51 He destroyeth Ephron, for denying him to passe through it. 56 Diuerse, that in Iudas absence would fight with their enemies, are slaine.

CHAP. VI. 8 Antiochus dieth, 12 and confesseth that he is plagued for the wrong done to Ierusalem. 20 Iudas besiegeth those in the towre at Hierusalem. 28 They procure Antiochus the yonger to come into Iudea. 51 He besiegeth Sion, 60 and maketh peace with Israel: 62 yet ouerthroweth the wall of Sion.

CHAP. VII. 1 Antiochus is slaine, and Demetrius reigneth in his stead. 5 Alcimus would be hie Priest, and complaineth of Iudas to the king. 16 He slayeth threescore Asideans. 43 Nicanor is slaine, and the kings forces are defeated by Iudas. 49 The day of this victorie is kept holy euery yeere.

CHAP. VIII. 1 Iudas is informed of the power and policie of the Romanes, 20 and maketh a league with them. 24 The articles of that league.

CHAP. IX. 1 Alcimus and Bacchides come againe with new forces into Iudea. 7 The armie of Iudas flee from him, 17 and he is slaine. 30 Ionathan is in his place, 40 and reuengeth his brother Iohns quarrell. 55 Alcimus is plagued, and dieth. 70 Bacchides maketh peace with Ionathan.

CHAP. X. 1 Demetrius maketh large offers to haue peace with Ionathan. 25 His letters to the Iewes. 47 Ionathan maketh peace with Alexander, 50 Who killeth Demetrius, 58 and marieth the daughter of Ptolomeus. 62 Ionathan is sent for by him, and much honoured, 75 and preuaileth against the forces of Demetrius the yonger, 84 & burneth the temple of Dagon.

CHAP. XI. 12 Ptolomeus taketh away his daughter from Alexander, and entreth vpon his kingdome. 17 Alexander is slaine, and Ptolemeus dieth within three dayes. 20 Ionathan besiegeth the towre at Ierusalem. 26 The Iewes and he are much honoured by Demetrius, 48 Who is rescued by the Iewes from his owne subiects in Antioch. 57 Antiochus the yonger honoureth Ionathan. 61 His exploits in diuers places

CHAP. XII. 1 Ionathan reneweth his league with the Romanes and Lacedemonians. 28 The forces of Demetrius thinking to surprise Ionathan, flee away for feare. 35 Ionathan fortifieth the castles in Iudea, 48 and is shut vp by the fraud of Tryphon in Ptolemais.

CHAP. XIII. 8 Simon is made captaine in his brother Ionathans roume. 19 Tryphon getteth two of Ionathans sonnes into his hands, and slayeth their father. 27 The tombe of Ionathan. 36 Simon is fauoured by Demetrius, 46 and winneth Gaza, and the towre at Hierusalem.

CHAP. XIV. 3 Demetrius is taken by the King of Persia. 4 The good deedes of Simon to his countrey. 18 The Lacedemonians and Romans renew their league with him. 26 A memoriall of his actes is set vp in Sion.

CHAP. XV. 4 Antiochus desireth leaue to passe through Iudea, & granteth great honours to Simon and the Iewes. 16 The Romanes write to diuerse kings & nations to fauour the Iewes. 27 Antiochus quarrelleth with Simon, 38 and sendeth some to annoy Iudea.

CHAP. XVI. 3 Iudas and Iohn preuaile against the forces sent by Antiochus. 11 The captaine of Hierico inuiteth Simon and two of his sonnes into his castle, and there treacherously murdereth them. 19 Iohn is sought for, 22 and escapeth, and killeth those that sought for him.