1 John

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Chapter summaries

CHAP. I. 1 He describeth the person of Christ, in whome we haue eternal life, by a cōmunion with God: 5 to which we must adioine holinesse of life, to testifie the trueth of that our communion and profession of faith, as also to assure vs of the forgiuenesse of our sinnes by Christs death.

CHAP. II. 1 He comforteth them against the sinnes of infirmitie. 3 Rightly to know God, is to keepe his commaundements, 9 to loue our brethren, 15 and not to loue the world. 18 We must beware of seducers: 20 from whose deceits the godly are safe preserued by perseuerance in faith, and holinesse of life.

CHAP. III. Hee declareth the singular loue of God towards vs, in making vs his sonnes: 3 Who therefore ought obediently to keepe his commaundements, 11 As also brotherly to loue one another.

CHAP. IV. 1 He warneth them not to beleeue all teachers, who boast of the spirit, but to try them by the rules of the Catholike faith: 7 and by many reasons exhorteth to brotherly loue.

CHAP. V. Hee that loueth God, loueth his children, and keepeth his Commandements: 3 which to the faithful are light, and not grieuous. 9 Iesus is the Sonne of God, able to saue vs, 14 and to heare our prayers, which we make for our selues, and for others.